Monday, March 18, 2013

What a Joke, I Hope— Bey's New Song

Hail no! 

Where art thou soul, whilst writing vile words?

I think not I, not she, not we— are the "b"

The fashion of your language disgust thee

Such as your crouch, your buttocks, and your breath that reflects the defecation you speaketh

How weak? 

How predictable? 

Thou art a daughter! 

She hath a daughter!!! 

Come to adulthood. I welcome you now.

Age has failed to make you a woman; yet, you believe to be one, because your husband molded you— no!

Mold is dangerous, and you are the female reflection of a foul mouth, uneducated, lackluster "art-tis, tis tis"

Making money with diss, diss, diss

No support from me— not in my house, no no no, not today!

Recover from your silliness, stop spewing your stupidity.

Be not an example for me, Beyoncé, but for the child in your possession expecting the highest quality parenting money can't buy, for it has already proven impossible to purchase humility and class.

Ethnic Doll on Knowledge Assignment


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