Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Orleans for Superbowl

Hey Bayyybee!

If you're Vacationing like a champ in NOLA, you must see a few places and eat your heart out at others, and I'm here to spread the truth on what's hot— trust me! I'm a Creole girl who lived in The Boot most of my life, so check out my spots, and I'm certain you'll fall in love with my favorites, too.  


Deanie's Seafood in Bucktown (the best stuffed crabs and onion rings)
Port of Call (the hamburger you'll never forget; cool atmosphere)
Lil Dizzy's Cafe (my family's restaurant; authentic Creole/soul)
Gene's Po-Boys (hot sausage and cheese on french; that's all I have to say)
Cafe Du Monde (beignets! My Sweet!)

Just Hanging

The Frenck Market (shopping, food, music)
St. Louis Cemetery #1 (above ground graves; boo!)
The Riverwalk Market (located on the Mississippi River; specialty shops, music, candy, food)
City Park (13 acres of beauty and fun)
Saint Louis Cathedral (Princess Tiana was married there :-)

And so much more! 

Let the good times roll, spin and jump!

Good day!

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